Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Love, the four letter word which makes the world go round. It basically drives each and every human being, it is basically the very thing that each human being strives for and dream of… to love and be loved. But as we look at our world today, it seems that we’re falling short from achieving this. In fact our world right now is suffering from the shortage of love, or to better describe it, the lack of love.

Yes, the world today is suffering from the lack of love. Ironically though, love is abounding, there’s just too much love around us, in everything and everywhere in this world, love is abounding! But how come the irony? How come there is the suffrage from the lack of love when love is abounding? How come?

The answer is simple, because we do not know what love really is.

We think love is an emotion, a feeling, a state of euphoria and lightness, being in cloud nine, joyful, happy, serene… There are a lot of words we could come up with to describe the love that we thought it is. And since it is a feeling, an emotion, we look for it from other people, thinking the same; they as well look for it from us. We build relationships; we create groups, friendships, and families. We give in to our emotions, into our great desire for love, but when these emotions die down, and our desire wear out because we thought we’ve found love, we realize we didn’t. And so the relationships we built fall apart, marriages, friendships; resulting to broken families, desolated individuals, abandoned children. Hence all sorts of emotional problems and issues start here. And this does not stop to only emotions; emotional problems and issues result to societal problems and issues. This is now the situation or rather the syndrome called lacking of/in love. How are we to find love from people who, they, themselves don’t know love?

If we cannot find love from others, then surely love is not just an emotion, or a feeling, (although we could feel it), then what is it?

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